Assisted Sales

Assisted Sales


For whatever reason you would like to sell you house or property, you will want to maximise your sale price.

  • Step 1

    Agree what would be the best course of action for the property.

    Step 2

    Lock in a current market value of the property. Either a RICS survey or 3 Estate agents.

    Step 3

    Draft and sign a binding contract for the option.

  • Step 4

    Plan the works to the property and provide a time frame and expenses schedule for the renovation works.

  • Step 5

    Find an investor or finance for the refurbishment.

  • Step 6

    Have a measured survey of the property and go through the design process.

    Step 7

    Put the refurb out to tender with minimum of 3 reputable builders

    Step 8

    Appoint builder and commence and complete works with snagging time.

  • Step 9

    Put the property for sale on the open market and complete the sale.

    Step 10

    Payments will be made to each party involved as per the agreed contract.

  • Peace


Option to Extend and Renovate the Property

Locked in Current Market Value for 1,000,000

Cost of New Works 250,000

New Market Value of 1,500,000

We get 350,000 (Costs + 40% Split)

You get 1,150,000 (Current Market Value + 60% Split)

So you receive an extra 150,000 to watch us work

-The above is an example only-

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